What does a ‘forever home’ look like?

By Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin.

The concept of the ‘forever home’ is an interesting one, and is something that we have been discussing at Origin HQ for the last month or so. We have been looking at whether Brits still believe in finding their ‘forever home’, and if so, what it actually looks like.

If we can answer these questions, it allows us to gain a clearer understanding of homeowners’ aspirations, in turn, helping our partners better understand what they want most from their properties.

As always, we are constantly striving to better the gold standard of service that we already offer to our partners, whether this is through new products or improved market knowledge.

For Origin’s partners, having a deeper understanding of what homeowners are hoping to achieve from their homes is a crucial step towards improved business growth. With this in mind, our latest research provides unique market insights, allowing partners to offer a more rounded experience when in the showroom.

Interestingly, more than three quarters of people questioned still believe in the concept of a ‘forever home’, which shows that the clear majority of homeowners are constantly climbing the property ladder, striving to find a home to live in for the rest of their lives. Our research also uncovered that the nation’s ‘forever home’ is a detached house in the country, worth £458,000, and is just down the road from Mum.

The study revealed that 99% of people feel that having plenty of natural light in their home is a must-have. On top of this, over half said that they want big windows, while bifolding doors leading out to the garden were also important. This understanding means our partners can be even more confident in promoting the Origin Home Range than ever before.

Four in ten strongly felt that they would one day own their ‘forever home’, with one third currently saving for theirs. There was good news for the renovation market, with around eight in 10 stating that they will try to improve or renovate the house they own now, rather than move on.

With such a high proportion of homeowners planning to improve or renovate their current house, it is important that we are fully equipped to handle any questions and be able to provide practical advice. We want to help homeowners create their ‘forever home’, and by educating our partners, we are one step closer to doing this.