Flexibility and simplicity

Doorco’s 4 Panel Pre App door slab is its second most popular with fabricators thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, the company has announced.

Dan Sullivan, Doorco’s MD, said: “60% of all door styles can be made using a 4 Panel Pre App slab. Rather than a woodgrain solid slab, customers opt for the 4 Panel Pre App because its apertures created during the manufacturing process make a substantial impact on their fabrication process.

“Each door will shave 49 seconds off the CNC machining time and produce significantly less wastage, meaning they save on both labour and skip hire too, all of which results in genuine financial savings across the board.”

The 4 Panel Pre App has a removable rail, and fabricators can manufacture five of the company’s most widely produced designs: standard four panel designs such as Penina, Carnoustie and Birkdale; and half lite designs such as Lytham and Lytham Grid.

The 4 Panel Pre App is available with seven colour choices on next day delivery, or coloured in any premium colour, RAL or stain and delivered in five days.

“In the world of manufacturing we are all looking to save time and money and the 4 Panel Pre App is aimed at doing just this,” Dan said. “In our own state-of-the-art prepping facility, we have we have saved £thousands on waste disposal, which we have been able to pass on to our prepped door customers. We want to make sure those who fabricate composite doors are aware that they could achieve the same cost savings.”

Doorco has also been increasing stock levels over the Christmas period.

“If you don’t hold good stock levels, you can’t deliver on any other of your service promises,” Adam Sullivan, Doorco’s warehouse manager, said. “For Doorco, our 99% stock promise is the first point in our customer charter.

“Our customers want to hit the ground running in 2019, and we not only want to be right beside them, but one step ahead. So, whether single, mixed pallet or prepped door, we aim to have it in stock for quick delivery from the first working day in January.”