Five reasons why it’s the wise choice to use a single supplier

Nigel Leivers
Nigel Leivers

For busy installers, the advantages of working with one fabricator for all their needs has a wide range of benefits. Nigel Leivers, managing director at Frame Fast, explains why.

They say that cliches are cliches because they are true. Here’s a few for you… time is money, one-stop-shop, everything under one roof, quality is key, and trust is the cornerstone of business.

All well-used phrases, possibly over-used, but all vitally important factors for busy installers when it comes to partnering with a fabricator. The importance of choosing a trusted manufacturer who can supply the full catalogue of quality products that they need, backed up by outstanding customer service and expertise, cannot be overstated.

In order to efficiently meet the needs of customers, it would be counterproductive to be buying your windows from one place, composite doors from another, roofs and conservatories from somewhere else. Not to mention having a different supplier for PVC and aluminium products.

It’s not only a logistical nightmare, but the headache of dealing with so many different companies and trying to coordinate deliveries can be a massive pain point.

Here’s five reasons to partner with a single supplier:

1: Higher-quality services and goods: In order to keep customers happy, it’s vital that a fabricator not only manufactures products of the highest quality, but also provides outstanding service, and to achieve both of these with consistency. This means that installers have the peace of mind that they are providing their own customers with the best, while dealing with a company that is helpful and does what it says it will.

2: Minimise administration: Working with one fabricator for all of your products vastly simplifies the purchasing process. Cutting out unnecessary administrative work saves time and professional resources. It also means that you’ll have one point of contact and one guarantee, saving a lot of potential confusion.

3: Build stronger relationships: Working with a single supplier helps create stronger relationships and better communication. This is also cemented further when a fabricator is available to offer overall product expertise and provide help and advice on your projects.

4: Reduced costs: Using a single source of supply will save you money. This not only applies to reduced operational costs, such as deliveries and collections, but prices may be reduced due to economy of scale.

5: Competitive market advantage: If your supplier has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products, this will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors and could influence your customers to request them specifically.

Servicing the needs of customers

At Frame Fast, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that our customers really can get everything they need ‘all under one roof’.

Established in Derby in 1997, we are the region’s largest trade manufacturer of PVC-U and aluminium windows and doors, and conservatories. Over the past two years alone, we have invested more than £1.5 million in machinery to ensure consistent high-quality products for our customers.

Every product we make is fabricated by skilled staff using specialist technology and is rigorously checked and double checked for quality, strength, appearance and accuracy of weld before being allowed to leave the factory.

We even have a specialist aluminium department and a dedicated glass manufacturing facility – all purpose-built to service the needs of our customers.

Also, because there’s no better way to assess the quality of our products than by seeing them for yourself, we have two fully kitted out showrooms displaying bi-fold, sliding, and entrance doors, PVC and aluminium windows, as well as conservatory and lantern roofs. These are at the disposal of our customers to bring along their own customers, helping to cement sales.

But the main reason our customers keep coming back to us again and again is because of our people. Not only are we a friendly bunch, we’re very lucky to have a team with countless years of experience in the glazing industry, and that knowledge is on hand for customers whenever they need it.

Equipped with the latest software, our helpful trade counter staff can provide all the information needed to make the best decision on which products to choose for specific projects, and generate on-the-spot quotations along with a range of CAD drawings.

So, for busy installers in the East Midlands, why would you want to go elsewhere?

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