Facebook and the Metaverse

Andy Ball, managing director of Balls2 Marketing, discusses the importance of embracing new technology and innovation.

If you look back over the past few centuries, you can trace most of the major changes in our lifestyle to some form of technological innovation. The industrial revolution and the invention of the steam engine were the original gamechangers, but we’ve also gone through several more in recent years, with the internet and mobile phone.

These developments have huge impacts on our everyday lives and inevitably affect the way we do business. With Facebook announcing they are changing their name to Meta and building a Metaverse, which places a huge emphasis on virtual and augmented reality and the development of products like smart glasses, it seems like we’ll be living in a sci-fi movie.

Although it may be a while until these things are everyday features in our lives and as common as the mobile phone, it’s a reminder of the constantly evolving nature of technology and why we need to be prepared for change.

We’re already living in a smart world, including at home where we are surrounded by Alexa, Google Home, Hive and Ring. It’s clear to see the importance of creating products that target the next generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Businesses in every sector also need to consider new technology in marketing too. The way we target new audiences and customers is constantly changing, so it’s important to be ready to embrace new emerging platforms in marketing strategies to effectively target the right people. If you look at the rise of social media marketing, it’s a great example of how much things can change over a short time frame.

So, although it may be a long way off until we are all walking around with Tony Stark gadget glasses, now is the time to start adapting business and marketing plans, ready for when the best new tech is launched.