ESG Group celebrates G23 Glass Company of the Year

Scott Sinden, MD of leading independent glass processor ESG Group, collected the coveted title of Glass Company of the Year, at the G23 Awards in November.

He said: “It’s great to gain this recognition of the work done by the entire team to build on our commercial success; reinvigorating not only our working practices, but our entire culture, since moving into our new factory, it is now reaping rewards and heralding a new era for our company.”

ESG has been at the forefront of the glass industry this year, and says it has ‘taken a lead’ on production excellence, product development, team wellbeing and customer service. With delivery on time at a record 99% and remakes at an impressive low of 0.73%, its production standards are world class rates for flat glass manufacturing.

Product development has been key; new products include Secure Vue LCD battery powered switchable glass security door panels; Clarity – a low reflective glass for use by shopfront and display case customers; a new magnetic wipe board glass which combines back painting with metal backing to provide a highly resilient and versatile reusable surface and structural silicon bonding, utilising extensive clean room facilities, to bond glass to metal frames for architectural and partition glass customers.

ESG has introduced a new in-house structural bonding facility, and has increased its technical support team by cross training operatives to seamlessly manage the ebb and flow of production, especially when covering for sickness absence or holidays. The customer service team structure has been refreshed to introduce dedicated contacts for individual customers.

When asked what makes the company stand out from its competitors, Scott emphasises the importance of the team that has been built. “Whilst we may have invested heavily in new equipment and automation, we have also invested in our people and organisational culture,” he said.

“We introduced a set of core values which came into full force in our new single-site premises in 2021, creating one unified team from three more specialised ones. Over the past year, much work has been carried out by the senior management team to ensure that employees in every role feel included and involved in the business.

“The team aims to ensure that the company core values of Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Dynamism and Exceptionality influence everything we do.”

A robust ‘people and culture’ programme was introduced two years ago, which is said to have resulted  in ‘exponential increases’ in employee engagement and satisfaction.

‘The voice of the customer’ is central to ESG’s strategy, and the internal and external commercial teams have been expanded to focus strongly on discovering and fulfilling customer needs. A new document management system provides customers with their required documentation more efficiently, a new transport management system is being installed with a customer facing portal to enable customers to track their deliveries; and, in recognition of the growing environmental challenges that customers now face, a glass and energy usage tool has been created.

Believing that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ ESG is building a nurturing and supportive environment in which employees thrive. The aim is to be the local employer of choice among prospective employees and, once that talent has been secured, to develop and retain people as much as possible, creating something of a work family.

ESG fully believes the theory that investment in equipment and automation is one thing, but it is investing both financially and developmentally in people that makes the difference. When moving from three sites to a new state of the art single-site facility during lockdown, ESG seized the opportunity to enhance and develop not only the production facilities but also the team culture, introducing a mentor system to ensure progress through individual skills development plans.

Scott concluded: “Operatives are now multi-skilled and rewarded for acquiring new skills; production excellence is at an all-time high; sales are up, as is morale; and, at a senior management level, we make sure we include, engage and communicate with everyone across the business. Winning this highly sought after accolade really has been the icing on an already very satisfying cake.”