DoorCo: the listening brand

Ben Aspinall, DoorCo’s head of IT & marketing, explains that it’s DoorCo’s customers that sit central to their 2023 marketing strategy and highlights what he thinks is important in the coming year.

With another unpredictable and probably challenging year ahead, DoorCo is taking a considered approach to marketing in 2023.

This doesn’t mean we are cutting back – even in the toughest of times, as tempting as it may feel, marketing should be the last thing to go from your budget. Considered means we are focusing our spend on what is most important: supporting our fabricator and installer customers because this year, lead generation is going to be more important than ever.

There is opportunity, whether you operate in retail or commercial sectors and it’s good, consistent and engaging marketing that’s going to get you noticed.

Customer support

Over the last year or so our own branding and marketing has had a big overhaul. We’ve created a company identity that better reflects our business today and developed a new structure of product brands underneath.

The plan has always been to establish these brands as household names so that our customers can leverage more leads, and this investment is going to pay dividends for us and them in 2023.

Flexible collateral/ brands

The brands in the DoorCo hierarchy are fresh, unique and represent the quality and innovation that we’re renowned for.

Each brand has a portfolio of print, digital and physical tools that our customers can easily adopt in their own marketing.

Take the composite door brochure as an example, probably the first ‘marketing’ item we ever created and one that we’re constantly evolving. Thanks to digitalisation, everything is available online and you may question whether a printed brochure has its place in the modern marketing portfolio.

As far as we’re concerned, yes: we distribute high volumes of printed brochures for customers to showcase our composite doors across the varying markets in which they operate. Many simply adopt the standard brochure, and some we work with to adapt it to suit their own branding and door portfolio options.

Another example of printed brochures that work well for our customers is the Paint Selector, developed last year to replace the cumbersome colour swatches. Our customers have responded well to this innovation, complimenting the effectiveness and convenience of it as a tool to showcase the colour options they can offer.

Keep evolving

Being progressive with the marketing assets we offer helps us stay one step ahead of meeting our customers’ marketing needs, and the latest round of brochures are perfect examples.

We’re harnessing the power of technology to improve the useability, introducing features such as QR (Quick Response) codes that link to an AR (Augmented Reality) Visualiser to enable homeowners to see what their new door will like on their own house, positively supporting their decision-making process.

We’re also creating a unique bank of door images with CGI (computer generated imagery) as the possibilities with this tech are endless. You may have seen some of the more fun images shared across our social media channels in support of key events, like the World Cup but what you may not have realised is that some of the ‘normal’ images we use have been created through CGI too.


Delivering a comprehensive and useful marketing portfolio that our customers can adapt and adopt is only possible because we listen to our customers and understand what they need for successful marketing, and ultimately lead generation.

If you want to work with a composite door supplier that listens, understands and innovates – its products and its marketing tools – to support your business, talk to DoorCo today.