Door Hunting Explained

By Jeyda, Doorco’s chief doork.

Being a door lover is like admitting that you like Abba: saying it out loud is enough to make most people wince but, actually, once it’s out there you realise everyone secretly loves them too.

I’ve been door hunting for a number of years now and it’s completely addictive. I can’t think of anything else that is so common, yet equally so varied. Every single one of us can legitimately say they’ve seen thousands upon thousands of different doors. Picking out the beauties is thrilling to me.

So, what makes a good door? To some degree, it’s whatever appeals to you as an individual. But in some ways, I think it’s slightly more complicated than that. Before you even get into the exciting things – like colour, shape and features – you have to take a step back and think about what message comes across with the door.

I’ve included some examples, and I think marketing should evoke emotion as I hope you agree all of these doors do.

Marketing is also about offering choice and inspiring potential buyers. All of these photos offer valid things to think about when choosing a door design, and hugely dictate what to go for. That being said, sometimes all we really want is to look at what options are there and pick the best one. By showcasing all the different doors out there, hopefully people feel inspired to treat the door as an area of the house that can be personalised to their own tastes.

This celebration of every kind of door is really helpful for door manufacturers like Doorco. It allows them to see trends of what people want, which may not always be things in stock yet. If there are particular colours and designs not yet available, but that look great, door photography can form the basis of future product development, which helps to make sure everyone can have a door they truly love.

Uniformity in any kind of design, whether the whole building or simply the front door, is going out of fashion, and Doorco is keen to make sure they can provide people with choice, as you can see by the introduction of more colours, different glass designs, and loads of variation in door styles.

As someone who loves all kinds of doors, I’m ecstatic that there are companies out there who are helping to make it easy for homeowners to get something unique.