Don’t bury your head in the sand

Raising awareness of the Origin brand and championing the UK’s manufacturing industry through a corporate communications plan is a major focus for Origin, as director Ben Brocklesby explains.

As a British manufacturer, it is important to speak up, share knowledge and actively engage in conversations that will affect UK businesses, especially when that conversation has a direct impact on us as a business and on the industry we operate in.

When we speak to the media, we try to have the best interests of the industry in mind, demonstrating that we’re pioneering for change.

As a result, we have been appointed by the BBC to speak on behalf of the UK’s manufacturing sector on no less than four occasions already this year, including BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten and BBC World Service. We have discussed an array of subjects, all close to the heart of UK businesses – planning for a no-deal Brexit, safeguarding against leaving the EU, UK employment figures, and supporting EU workers.

We have offered our opinions on a national scale and have been the voice of manufacturers and home-grown UK businesses, talking about what matters most.

The subject of Brexit fills many with dread and is somewhat onerous in the way it is progressing, but the impact it is going to have is huge. It’s therefore important that we are prepared and taking part in these discussions, rather than burying our heads in the sand.

At Origin, we have safeguarded the business and the promises we make to our partners by introducing several processes to ensure operations resume at our usual high standards, no matter what the Brexit outcome is. This means that we will continue to deliver to our customers on time and in full, and protect our industry-leading ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’ delivery promise.

To minimise any immediate possible Brexit implications, one of the first things we did was to invest heavily in the relationships with our European suppliers, who agreed to extend our credit terms across the entire turbulent Brexit period. On top of this, we have stockpiled huge volumes of aluminium profile at our factories in High Wycombe, so if there is ever any border controversy, our partners will never be negatively affected.

Finally, we have provided additional support to all of our employees from the EU; we pride ourselves on having family at the heart of everything we do, and anyone who works at Origin is family.

With the uncertainty of Brexit lurking around the corner, we look on with excitement and anticipation to see what it brings, safe in the knowledge that we and our partners are prepared for anything that it throws at us.