Demand still strong for conservatory roof replacements

Research conducted by tiled roof replacement specialist, SupaLite, has found that despite economic uncertainty, monthly consumer search trends for ‘conservatories’ and ‘conservatory roof replacements’ have not been affected.

When exploring the popularity of these keywords, SupaLite found that the number of monthly searches for ‘conservatories’ has remained the same since last summer at an impressive 74,000 per month across the UK.

Further research also found that ‘conservatory roof replacements’ has remained fairly consistent throughout the last 12 months and regularly hits 9,900 searches every month. According to SupaLite, this is great news for installers as it shows consumer interest has not been directly impacted by rising interest rates, high energy bills and increased food prices.

After examining the keyword research results more closely, SupaLite also spotted a huge spike in the data for May 2022 which had 201,000 monthly searches – an increase of 172% when compared to February 2023.

“It’s not surprising to see such a big jump in the number of monthly searches in May last year,” said Wes Clarkson, sales director.

“May is the perfect time to complete a conservatory roof replacement because the days are longer and although it’s warmer, it’s not too hot. It’s quite common for homeowners to spend time and money during this month to prepare their home for the summer that lies ahead.

“Comfort is key to consumers, and if the last few summers are anything to go by, they’ll be once again looking to update their existing conservatory so that the space can still be used on the hottest of days.

“With this in mind, installers looking to broaden their offering should definitely be considering making a valuable investment now on products which satisfy this customer demand before it’s too late and they’re inundated with job requests they can’t deliver.”

SupaLite’s tiled roof system uses lightweight aluminium beams and rafters, 100mm EPS insulation, 25mm PIR insulation, 72mm insulated plasterboard and high-performance ExtraLight roof tiles making the product lightweight and easy to install.

SupaLite says that another popular product from its range is the SkyVista hybrid roof system. By combining the lightweight tiled roof with high-performance glazed panels, the system delivers ‘unrivalled’ thermal performance and excellent levels of natural light.

“All SupaLite products undergo thorough testing and research to guarantee they are resilient, reliable and manufactured from high-quality materials,” continued Wes.

“Our portfolio of replacement conservatory roof products is a fantastic solution for installers because not only can they save time on site by being incredibly easy to install, but they also tick all the boxes for consumers who have a range of demands.”

He adds that while the future of the home improvement industry still feels uncertain for most, it’s not all doom and gloom…

“Our research shows that monthly search volumes have stayed the same for conservatories and conservatory roof replacements which is reassuring for the market.

“This means there’s fantastic opportunities for installers who are looking to broaden their horizons and diversify their product range to stay ahead during this challenging time.

“Working with the right system is fundamental and so we’d always recommend investing in a product which delivers outstanding performance, is quick and easy to install and receives fantastic feedback from customers.

“With a decade in the conservatory replacement roof market, we strive to achieve this with every SupaLite product we develop and manufacture to guarantee installers have confidence in us as a supplier.

“Plus, we’re passionate about doing what we can to support those in the industry. Through our registered installer scheme, members have access to a dedicated account manager, on-hand technical support and high-quality marketing materials. Whether someone has a question about installing a SupaLite product or wants to learn more about promoting their business – we’re always on hand to help.”