Customer experience

Sarah Hayes and Adam Sullivan
Sarah Hayes and Adam Sullivan

Dan Sullivan, DoorCo MD, discusses with Glass Times how a customer-centric approach to developing the business, from teams to marketing and technology, is helping to enhance the customer experience.

DoorCo is a customer-centric organisation, meaning our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our products, services and innovations are driven by their feedback to ensure that anything we invest in will directly benefit them. It’s key that we can enhance their composite door offering to help them grow.

This has very much been our focus during a period of consolidation following our well documented journey to market leadership and our G22 Component Supplier of the Year award. We have been working hard behind the scenes to build on our foundations and ensure that we continue to consistently deliver against our compass and values: Conscientious, Considered, Connected, Consult, Complete, Communicate, Collaboration and Committed.


The driving force behind everything we do at DoorCo is our team. From the top down, we’ve made key appointments to get the right people into the right jobs to make the customer experience of DoorCo the best it can be.

This includes the formation of a senior management team that has total responsibility in their areas of expertise, from development and manufacturing, to finance, customer service and HR. Collectively, they have set the strategy for DoorCo and are building departments that are fit to take us forward into our next stage of growth.

Appointments and internal promotions reinforce this new structure, opening up opportunities for everyone employed by DoorCo to feel empowered and to develop their careers within the business.

Naturally, one of the key focus areas has been our customer facing teams – customer services and sales.

Customer services

Michelle (Shell) Kirkham, customer service and order processing manager, is one such appointment.

Shell brings with her 23 years of customer service excellence and a passion for resolving issues quickly and efficiently. She is committed to doing right by the customer and is well placed to lead and support the team in enhancing customer experience.

To underpin this, Shell is organising customer visits so her team can better understand our customers’ real-life needs, whilst gaining valuable feedback to help us continually improve, grow and streamline our processes.


The internal promotions of Sarah Hayes and Adam Sullivan has further bolstered our sales team. Working in different areas of the business, both have a deep understanding of operations and customer expectations and their wealth of understanding, knowledge and drive will ensure realistic expectations are offered, and lines of communication stay open and transparent.

Developing our customer facing teams has enabled us to allocate customers with a dedicated key account manager, which so far has been extremely well received.


Marketing is a central part of the customer service offering and the expanded team, now under the leadership of Ellie Pool as marketing manager, works closely with all areas of the business to ensure we have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening at the core.

Marketing also works side by side with the technology team and has created a ‘mar-tech’ partnership which is driving forward developments to make marketing even more accessible to customers. One such initiative is a new web to print portal, which we will be soft launching to customers in the coming months.

Web to print

The web to print platform will hold all our existing marketing collateral, but in addition, fully customisable brochures and colour swatches, corner samples and other POS items.

There will also be a comprehensive door image library and the ability to access design tools to create bespoke door images, based on the DoorCo standard range.

The marketing team operates an open forum inbox for customers to get in touch and request anything they specifically need. The team is dedicated to working with customers to offer everything they need to succeed, which is being further enhanced by an internal graphic designer.

Our team is integral in DoorCo’s strategic business plan. We have big plans and with the people we now have in place, who believe in our values, we can demonstrate that we are serious when we say our customers are at the heart of everything we do and their positive experience of us, as a supply partner, is paramount.