Convenience is key for smart security

With smart home security here to stay, Jey Jeyasingam, chief technology officer at Tyman UK & Ireland and ERA, discusses what trends the fenestration industry will see over the next 12 months.

With smart home technology as popular as ever, consumers are getting accustomed to the convenience it brings to their everyday lives. With this comes the appetite for devices that can offer more in the way of efficiency.

Therefore, fabricators and door manufacturers can expect to see growing demand for more intuitive smart home security over the next few years. Staying ahead of the curve is paramount to meet the consumer’s desire for smart, secure and sustainable living spaces, so, what should the sector expect when it comes to smart security trends this year?


The introduction of Matter is set to transform the smart home security market. Matter is an open-source connectivity standard that will promote interoperability between smart devices and smart eco-systems.

This technology will enable homeowners to link multiple smart devices to one ecosystem that they can control via one, single app. This reduces the need for multiple apps that control multiple devices, offering maximum convenience to the end-user.

However, despite this exciting prospect, it is important to ensure that a safe and secure network remains the priority. Therefore, from ERA’s point of view, it is vital that Matter’s proficiency in smart home security applications is verified before it is adopted to ensure ultimate peace of mind for the customer.

So, whilst ERA’s TouchKey has been designed to offer compatibility with Matter, it is key that its credentials are proven before this is rolled out.


Biometric technology is redefining the home security sector, not only because it offers the ultimate in convenience, but because it offers new levels of personalisation.

ERA’s TouchKey provides a stellar example of what biometric technology can offer a customer. Among TouchKey’s five methods of entry is its advanced encrypted fingerprint access. Using a waterproof sensor tested to IP66 with a hydrophobic coating and technology used on over 1.5 billion biometric devices worldwide, TouchKey is at the cutting edge of smart home security handles.

As homeowners lean into enhanced identification, fingerprint technology will become even more commonplace and in the longer-term, the use of facial recognition will begin to be incorporated within smart home security applications too.

Not only will this offer ultra-secure access control, but it will mean the homeowner of the future won’t have to lift a finger to unlock their doors – certainly feeding into the appetite for heightened efficiency.

Sustainable technology

While homeowners want more convenience from their smart home security devices, they also want sustainable options too, with 61% of consumers stating that sustainability is more important to them now than it was two years ago, according to a study from NeilsenIQ.

As a result, there are likely to be changes in the way batteries are used and consumed, including in smart home security devices.

Given the current frequency of battery replacements, there is a growing market for silver oxide batteries that offer better durability and longevity. Technology users are likely to see longer-lasting batteries become more readily available to drive down unnecessary battery waste.

This will offer homeowners more longevity from their battery-operated smart home security technology, which is better for the environment and better for the modern homeowner too, who values convenience and doesn’t want the hassle of frequently changing batteries.

ERA’s TouchKey offers a great example of how smart home security can be developed to use longer-lasting batteries, given that it is currently powered by 4 x CR123A batteries, which offer between six to eight months of use, based on 10 door openings per day.

2024 promises to be another exciting year for homeowners looking for smart home security that offers even more efficiency and convenience. TouchKey meets these needs and can help door manufacturers grow their sales and presence in the smart home market in 2024.

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