Composite doors with sustainability at their core

As concerns surrounding climate change continue to grow, UK consumer attitudes to sustainable products indicate that they are motivated to purchase from organisations that care about the environment and that sustainability is a mainstream issue. 

Research shows that 76% of consumers say they are trying to play their part and they expect brands to do the same, whilst 57% say their perception of a brand is influenced by its sustainability practices. (*BCG 2022). In response to this trend, Hörmann Truedor claims to have developed the most sustainable range of composite doors available on the market today.

During the construction and set up of its new production plant at IG Doors in South Wales, where the Hörmann Truedor range of composite doors is manufactured, Hörmann was able to place an emphasis on the creation of short supply chains and the sourcing of local components wherever possible.

One of the key aspects of this philosophy was the decision to make its own door slabs rather than importing them from overseas. Not only does this ensure secure supply and consistent quality it also makes IG Doors unique in the market as it is the only volume manufacturer of composite doors to undertake this commitment.

Other key components for the doors which are locally sourced include door skins which are manufactured in the Northwest, glass from South Wales, PVC frames from the Midlands, and steel from Tata in Port Talbot.

This approach helps the company to reduce its transport emissions whilst supporting local industry and enables Hörmann Truedor to proudly state its doors are made in the UK.

The company is also a member of SWS, an approved packaging waste compliance scheme, and wherever possible offcuts and waste are recycled. Only sustainably sourced timber is used in the production of the doors and as a PEFC registered company, Hörmann is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.

This commitment to sustainability is further enhanced by their ISO 50001 certification which works towards conserving resources through efficient energy management.

Being part of the Hörmann Group also provides access to considerable expertise in sustainable manufacturing processes and the development of new technologies. With all Hörmann manufacturing plants throughout Europe required to access 100% of their energy from renewable sources, the plant at IG Doors will undergo a significant solar panel installation during 2025 and has recently been able to access energy from their local wind turbines.

One of the major new technologies being investigated by Hörmann is a Hydrogen power plant being trialed at one of their manufacturing sites in Germany, which if successful has the potential to be rolled out across every factory throughout the organisation.

As a privately owned, family run business, Hörmann has always been able to take a long-term view with regards to business. Successive generations have taken their social and environmental responsibility seriously, with their objective being to hand over an ethically sound business that provides a green platform in sustainable manufacturing for future generations to come.

This approach is very apparent in the development and growth of the IG Doors plant and the Hörmann Truedor range of doors. The result is an opportunity for installers to offer the end consumer a composite door with sustainability at its heart, from a trusted and recognised brand at an attractive price point.