Coming of age moment

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection, talks about its new range of engineered doors.

Consumers love our windows because they are beautifully designed and packed with the very latest product engineering principles for PVCU windows and doors.

Throughout The Residence Collection each window and door collection are stand out products with many unique product features, which have helped drive growth for our manufacturing partners and installers.

But our windows and doors aren’t just cherished by style savvy consumers, they are also highly regarded by architects, planners and by local authorities. When we originally launched R9 the brief was to launch the only true timber alternative window and this remains the premise today, despite attempts by others to get in on the marketplace. After all there’s nothing heritage about a 70mm window system with just a flush sash.

Today’s consumer looks at their property in a very different manner to that of decades gone by when the challenge was to keep on moving up the housing ladder, with minimum investment in the home. We’re now inspired by design and you only have to look at the success of John Lewis and Next in recent years to show a new type of consumer spend on fixtures and furnishings.

We’re now starting to see this in replacement windows and the once distress purchase is now becoming more of an aspirational investment, so that windows not only have to be secure, but look good too. There’s also a desire to be different and so with The Residence Collection there’s the capability of using the shared profiles and glazing beads to create a unique look in every room, bolstered by our beautifully crafted premium hardware, along with dual colour options, foiled rebates and even seven different substrates in the case of R7.

With the launch of Residence Doors, or RD, we’re bringing door manufacture back to our manufacturing partners, with the benefits of a far wider range of sizes than a typical composite door and using construction techniques and materials that are aimed in providing doors that last. We’ve also re-ignited our existing strapline for windows so that our philosophy is that we offer ‘doors, the way they’re meant to be’.

With mechanical jointing, or using the latest welding technologies, these door profiles look the part for a premium doorset, and given the sash and mullion options we can create literally dozens of different designs from the period inspired to the most contemporary looking doors.

Frame options include the period-inspired R9, architecturally influenced R2 and for everything in between there’s R7. The consumer branding of The Residence Collection has always stood out in a crowded marketplace and so we’ll be looking again for our door support materials to inspire to the same degree.

This new launch is very much a coming of age moment for the business in that we can now offer solutions throughout the home for all windows and doors, with the promise of beautiful product design and performance. In turn this enables us to create a beautiful Residence Collection home for style savvy consumers, while our trade partners can benefit from a door product philosophy that’s a true timber alternative, without any of the issues associated with the composite door sector.

With the door market still showing strong returns and growth, the introduction of RD is perfect for our trade partners, while consumers will benefit from entrance doors that share the same design philosophies, manufacturing principles and long-term performance. Welcome to your Residence Home.

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