Boost your sales by thousands for as little as £150 a month

Alex Tremlett
Alex Tremlett

By Alex Tremlett, operations manager, Insight Data.

Marketing campaigns are arguably one of the most important aspects of any business. A successful one can open up many more horizons, boost sales and lead to better customer retention levels.

In fact, recent analysis has shown that on average, 10% of a business’s revenue is spent on marketing. That is a huge figure, and it shows the importance of such campaigns.

One of the most universally important aspects of any piece of marketing is something hidden in plain sight – data. Without accurate and correct data, marketing costs could be wasted by selling your products to the wrong audience.

That is why having access to the right information can help you save time, labour and costs by streamlining your marketing campaigns so that they are viewed by the people that want to see them the most.

Marketing without up-to-date and correct data can ultimately end in businesses losing hundreds and thousands of pounds. It is one of the most important aspects of any campaign, and one business can’t afford to get wrong.

That is why Insight offers the UK’s leading database for the fenestration and construction industries, which has been proven to boost customer sales by thousands of pounds for as little as £150 a month.

Proven effectiveness

Since 2007, Insight has pioneered ‘live data’, providing customers with real-time access to the latest, most accurate information on the glass and glazing industry.

This real-time information comes in the shape of Salestracker, a platform that is spread across five databases with over 50,000 records in total. The fenestration database specifically includes over 13,700 records, with over 17,500 emails of key contacts within these companies.

By gaining access to Salestracker, it ensures that users can target, market and execute campaigns to those that need to see them the most, saving money by pitching products and services to the right audience.

The use of our databases has proven its worth, with one company having generated a quarter of a million pounds in sales after signing up for Salestracker.

Just before the Covid pandemic, our customer TuffX generated over £250,000 worth of sales thanks to our local builders’ database and powerful email marketing platform, STEM.

It is these kinds of results that have propelled Insight to be the leading company in the market, with no other businesses providing as much real-time information as successfully as us.

Marketing with fresh data

Like TuffX, many businesses successfully use STE to contact prospects. This ground-breaking technology combines the power of a world-class email software platform with the features and usability of Salestracker.

Combining Insight’s data with STEM allows users to send targeted promotions to those that are most likely to interact with it, therefore increasing a company’s chance of turning prospects into sales.

Salestracker users no longer need to build and export data lists, import them into separate email marketing platforms and then try and manage the campaign results themselves – STEM does it all for them.

With STEM, Insight not only offers you the secret ingredient, but the utensils to successfully use it.

With full reporting capabilities, users can track the number of email opens and click-throughs as well as analyse the success rate and data by device and location.

The ease of use and variety of tools on STEM makes it a key tool to use within the market, and these comprehensive services are all made unique thanks to the fresh data we provide to our software.