At the touch of a button

The latest development by Insight Data is a new email marketing system developed as part of the Salestracker platform. Commercial director Helen Costeloe-Hughes explains.

Salestracker is a database that allows users to compile highly targeted marketing lists – for example, aluminium fabricators in Scotland, or window companies that install 10-25 frames per week in Greater London, with a ‘good’ credit rating.

Until now, users had to export the data, filter it within Excel, and typically import it into an email marketing system. This was an arduous process, managing data lists, unsubscribes, and keeping track of responses. Now Salestracker can do all of this for you.

Stem will replace existing email systems such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Dot Mailer or Communigator. Insight Data has developed the new system from the ground-up over the last two years, with a dedicated in-house software development team.

Unlike existing email systems, Stem is a fully integrated system. Not only can users instantly build and send email campaigns, but the system captures responses and feeds them back into Salestracker as sales leads.

Traditionally, an email campaign is linked to a landing page, which captures any enquiries or responses and sends them one-by-one to a selected person. Managing all these sales leads and making sure they are followed up properly is always a big problem, but not anymore.

With Stem anyone who responds to an email campaign has their details captured and saved back into Salestracker as a sales lead. All the leads are saved together and can easily be analysed and filtered, prioritised and distributed to marketing or sales people, with processes to follow-up and keep track of every lead.

Salestracker is the must-have sales and marketing tool for the glass and glazing industry, with 700 users including most of the systems companies, major fabricators, component and glass suppliers and building product distributors.

The core of Salestracker is the prospect database, which contains over 60,000 potential customers. Behind the scenes, teams of telephone researchers continuously call, verify and update information and a number of external data feeds, including credit reference agencies, enhance the information.

Salestracker is an online system with no software to install or manage – users can log-on from any internet-enabled PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Users subscribe to the data that is most relevant to them. It might be local builders in the north east, architects in London, or all PVCU fabricators.

In the last five years modules have been added to enhance the database. An optional CRM (customer relationship management) module allows companies to store their prospect data, customer data and other contacts together securely in one system with built-in sales lead management, tasks, document storage and reporting.

Credit profiling was added three years ago and provides users with a credit rating, financing information including (where available) turnover and net worth, as well as details of adverse credit (county court judgements).

And in 2015 Salestracker Mobile was launched, giving mobile users such as field sales people the Insight database, CRM system and credit profiling all on their mobile phone, with clever features such as ‘Nearby’ – simply tap one key and Salestracker mobile shows a list of all potential customers within close proximity of your current location, complete with map locations and directions.

The latest evolution means users can build and manage email campaigns all within Salestracker using live data to give better open rates, delivery rates and lead capture. Stem includes all the features of advanced email platforms such as inbox testing, dedicated landing pages, and full mobile phone optimisation, without the time and hassle involved in using different technologies.