Are you in the club?

Stuart Green, director at Framexpress, talks about Club Framexpress, the thinking behind its creation, and the support that it offers to installers.

One of the things about installer schemes that I have always found tricky, is that they can feel like it’s all done on the terms of the supplier. You will know the kind of thing I mean: plenty of conditions of membership, and messages along the lines of “you commit to this and we’ll give you these benefits”.

The problem with these schemes, is that installers don’t always get practical benefits that are useful for them.

We reversed this thought process when we created Club Framexpress, which was officially launched not long before we went into the first lockdown last March. Club Framexpress is our exclusive package for our customers, born from a real desire to club together, and help customers to grow their businesses. It blends our higher-spec as standard products with the backing of incredible service, technical support and more than 20 years’ manufacturing experience to help installers keep ahead of the competition and thrive in the process.

Obviously, the Covid pandemic massively shifted the focus of our support, but no matter what, we are always focused on working together with customers to find out what kind of practical tools are really of value to them.

During Covid it was our free remote selling guide, complete with homeowner information leaflet on safe working in the home, and window measuring guide that proved most useful as many installation companies entered the relatively unknown world of making sales remotely rather than in the home.

It also helped to support them as lockdown lifted and tradespeople were allowed back in the home, giving them a document to share with homeowners to reassure them that they were following government guidelines and doing everything they could to stop the spread.

We didn’t create an installer scheme just for the sake of it, and we didn’t want to limit benefits with loads of conditions for installers. It’s plain and simple: if you buy products from Framexpress, you’re in the Club.

We’ve focused on the important stuff, which makes a real difference to installers. Club Framexpress is the whole package of benefits of buying from us, simplified so that Framexpress fitters have the toolkit they need to grow their business with us. We’re all in the Club, we’re all in it together.

Customers have a dedicated account team so they know who to call about what. It makes life run more smoothly for everyone, and it’s always great to able to put a face to a name early on. Customers receive this information from the off, with the Club Framexpress welcome pack, which includes handy contact cards, and full details on the marketing support that’s available.

We’ve also got a bagful of Club Framexpress merchandise, including travel mugs, water bottles, notepads, pens and beanie hats to dish out as well as a handy set of Club Framexpress product information sheets that detail the components and features that make our products higher spec as standard.

So, after a slight pause in our plans, it’s back to business for Club Framexpress, and we’ll be adding more benefits to help installers grow their business, including extended digital support to help them improve their presence online.

If the last 12 months has taught us anything at all, it’s how important it is for us all to work together in a way that is mutually beneficial for us all. That’s why we created Club Framexpress, and if you fit Framexpress windows and doors, you’re in.