All things digital

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

Some of us do remember the analogue years. In photography, this meant that you were lucky to see your taken images within 24 hours, and then only in a physical print format. How things have advanced, and yes, very much for the better.

To get great images in the past you really would need to find a photographer with experience in the field of photography you required, both in composition and experience in all aspects of taking the image through to production. Fortunately, today, everything in photography has moved over to digital, and gone are days of waiting. We can now beam images around the globe virtually in real time.

With digital we can put aside the complexities of equipment settings and image manipulation as our powerful phones and cameras can make the required decisions and adjustments when taking the image. So, no problem? Well not quite.

Leaving out the complexities of getting an image, all of us should look to composition as a key element in getting a good image – no computer can help us with that. Make sure that your picture tells a story, and, if coupled with copy in a press release, that it supports and enhances the message you want to get across to your reader.

Great composition is something we can all learn with a little practice. Without the complexities of the image-making process, we should have more time to learn what makes an image stand out, and one an editor wishes to use in their magazine.