A fresh perspective

Ultraframe has launched a campaign called ‘take a fresh look at Ultraframe’, a campaign aimed at attracting new retailers to the business. Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt talks about the impact of the affiliation with Which? Trusted Traders alongside the new ‘fresh’ campaign.

2017 has been a really busy year: we had the FIT Show earlier in May, and several months on we’re now seeing a great number of retailers switch to Ultraframe.

As a business, we’ve always focused our efforts on R&D – making sure that retailers have a roof for every type of extension – from glass roofs to lanterns and the solid roof market. But this year we’ve also worked hard to make sure that our Ultra Installers are getting good value from the business in terms of quality lead generation, and this is further supplemented by the association with Which? Trusted Traders.

Yet, among all that activity, we’re always trying to identify ways to simplify doing business with us. For the retail partners that have worked with us for years, our mutual success has been intertwined; as we develop new roof systems, the retailer has also woven this into their business model.

For new customers, we recognise that doing business with Ultraframe, with more than one roof choice, can be overwhelming. So, we’ve developed a New Partner Programme that has been designed to specifically support new customers. From day one the customer is assigned a ‘new partner’ team member, their role is to be a single point of contact for every conceivable query, whether that’s a pricing query, a design question or delivery information. This programme really does equip a new retailer with all the knowledge and confidence they need to be able to effectively sell our roof systems.

Making the switch

Chris Vincent, managing director of Lifestyle Windows in Derbyshire, is one of Ultraframe’s newest Ultra Installers. With 14 years of Which? Trusted Traders accreditation under his belt, becoming an Ultra Installer was an important part of his firm’s progression.

We’ve been working with our fabricator Specialised, for several years but it really was the emergence of the solid roof range from Ultraframe that made us consider becoming an Ultra Installer.

Just reflecting on the New Partner Programme from Ultraframe, I can see that it will be invaluable for many retailers. Making a switch to a new roof supplier is no easy task – it might be on your wish list, but often we get so bogged down in the day-to-day running of the business that making a switch to a major new supplier is just too complex however big the prize. However, it looks like Ultraframe has made it as pain-free as possible.

For us, becoming an Ultra Installer was an important part of our growth plan. Yes, we’ve had the Which? Trusted Trader status for many years, but the Ultra Installer scheme has allowed us to really take advantage of all the back-end and marketing support Ultraframe has to offer.

For any retailer looking to expand their business, Ultraframe’s New Partner Programme seems like as good a reason as any to make a switch.