A flat market for growth

Ultraframe has launched the Ultrasky Flat Skylight, available with an optional insulated, waterproof 4° pitched kerb. Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe’s marketing director, explains why it is an important addition to the Ultraframe range.

In broad terms, the Ultrasky Flat Skylight further strengthens an installer’s capability to look at any extension job and deliver an Ultraframe solution. Not every extension requires a lantern or a fully glazed roof, some people just want to be able to project light into a space in a very understated and simple way.

To put that into broader context, we’ve developed some really successful roof systems in the last five years that have enabled our retail installers to approach both the new build and renovation market with a variety of roof options. We believe that with the addition of the Ultrasky Flat Skylight every conceivable style of extension can now be achieved with an Ultraframe roof.

Equally, it’s important that with every new innovation we develop there are clear and discernable benefits to both the installer and homeowner, over and above existing systems in the market. Ultrasky Flat Skylight is no different. The biggest advantage the Flat Skylight brings to the installer is the installation speed. We’ve developed a really efficient ‘click-fit’ system that eliminates any fiddly trims and delivers the immediate precision required on site.

We’ve also addressed the issue of waterproofing, which typically takes at least three separate processes. With most roof light products, the fitting team initially wraps the waterproof membrane over the frame to make a seal and then returns at a later time to fit the roof light. We’ve eliminated that wrapping process by delivering a fully waterproof kerb that can be installed at the same time as the Skylight before any membrane is fitted.

As a result, we estimate that an Ultrasky Flat Skylight can be fitted in half the time it normally takes to fit a roof light, freeing up the installation team to move on to other parts of the extension or their next job.

We’ve also really considered the needs of the homeowner and the role a roof light plays in an extension. More often than not a roof light is acting as a natural spotlight – it isn’t a feature in the same way as a lantern or a glass roof contributes to an overall design, it has a specific purpose of projecting light into a space.

So, we’ve developed a super slim aluminium surround that externally gives the impression the glass is floating across the entire opening, maximising the amount of glass right to the edges. Not only does this deliver a super contemporary, striking look it also brings practical benefits: eliminating the build-up of dirt and stopping moisture getting into the seal.

In addition to these design benefits we’ve also incorporated ‘Warm Frame’ technology and noise reduction glass into the Ultraframe Flat Skylight.

On its own, the Ultrasky Flat Skylight is a beautiful roof light solution; it delivers a really luxurious solution and is packed full of installer benefits. But we believe it also serves as a really vital addition to our roof range, as it enables our retail installers to compete for work, such as kitchen extensions, which would ordinarily go to a builder.

The home extension market is both dynamic and lucrative and we stay entirely committed to the development of components that will enable our retail customers to fully exploit this growing market.