A big thumbs up

Since its launch in late 2019, the popularity of Ultraframe’s Cuckoo online marketing system has grown hugely with its customers. Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt explains how the system helps retailers to create professionally designed marketing materials quickly, easily and cheaply.

Our approach at Ultraframe has always been to provide the best products we can to our customers, as well as the best support, and Cuckoo is one of the latest examples of this.

We’ve created an online system that makes it fast, simple and cost effective for Ultraframe retailers to create beautifully designed marketing materials to help them generate and convert leads. The system contains templates for everything from retail brochures, to customisable videos, right through to fully integrated campaigns and point of sale materials.

The response from our customers has been overwhelming; the feedback from those who have used it has made the many months of work which went into Cuckoo totally worthwhile.

One of the Ultraframe customers who has already discovered the benefits of Cuckoo is long-standing fabricator Premier Roof Systems of Jarrow. Technical sales manager Ashley Fox explained how the system is now an important part of the company’s offering, allowing both them and their retailers to create personalised and professional marketing materials at the click of a button.

“I think that Cuckoo is a great idea and saves us time and money in-house, as well as freeing up time for our marketing department,” Ashley said. “The biggest selling point for us as a fabricator is that we are in control of personalising brochures for our retailers/installers and don’t have to rely on anyone else to do this for us. As we all know, retailers love personalised materials to help project a professional image of their company and so I’m showing Cuckoo off on every visit that I do to our customers and prospects alike.”

While fabricators such as Premier Roof Systems can use the system to create marketing materials for their retail customers, retailers can also log in to the system directly and create bespoke marketing materials themselves.

Ideal Windows and Conservatories of Edinburgh is one such business.

Owner Elaine Wardrope said: “Cuckoo has already proved hugely useful to our business and I know it’s something we will use more often from now on. Recently we created personalised retail brochures using Cuckoo and found the system great to use. We had a query while creating our brochures but the marketing team at Ultraframe was on hand to help us right away and the order was placed in no time.

“Using Cuckoo made a job that would have been a big headache, and cost us a lot of money, much easier. We’re really pleased with the finished brochures. Cuckoo now means that we can get hold of personalised marketing materials to sell our products quickly and easily. It’s a definite thumbs up from us.”

Hearing that Cuckoo is transforming the way that our customers do business and helping them become more effective in what they do is what our jobs are all about. At the end of the day, we are here to serve our customers, whether that be with products or systems that help them to do their jobs more effectively, and Cuckoo is just one aspect of the expansive and highly professional marketing support that we offer.

While the prices on Cuckoo consistently offer value for money, we also run promotions and offers to make using it even more attractive, and as with all of our marketing, we welcome feedback from customers as to how we can continue to evolve and enhance the system through 2020 and beyond.”