2024 colour trends

The fenestration industry is said to be experiencing a shift in trends as searches for ‘2024 interior trends’ has surged by more than 80% in the last month alongside brands unveiling their chosen colours of the year for 2024.

Consequently, systems houses such as The Residence Collection have said that they are ‘aligning with consumer preferences and installer demand’ by expanding their colour options. The Residence Collection currently offers 23 standard colourways across three different window systems – R9, R7 and R2.

In this article, The Residence Collection reveals the top four colours that it is expecting to be in demand across the home improvement sector in 2024:

  1. Warm neutrals

Pantone’s 2024 colour of the year of ‘Peach Fuzz’ is said to signify a shift in design preferences, particularly within the domain of home decor. According to The Residence Collection, this vintage-inspired peach hue is positioned to redefine contemporary aesthetics, steering away from traditional white.

In light of this trend, installers are set to be drawn to warmer neutral tones, including options like ‘clotted cream’, available across all three Residence systems, and ‘Cotswold biscuit’ available in the R9 system with dual internal and external colour options.

A recent project from The Residence Collection – carried out by Choice Windows and HS Trade – illustrates this trend, with a property on a private street in Peterborough showcasing the installation of clotted cream for the exterior and chalk white for the interior in R7.

  1. Pinks

With the Dulux colour of the year leaning towards a soft pink hue, The Residence Collection says that it expects pink tones and shades to be incorporated into product ranges more frequently.

As shades of pink will be incorporated into elements of home decor, including soft furnishings, curtains and decorating items, Residence is predicting that homeowners will lean towards more neutral toned structural fixtures, including colours like ‘vintage cream’ and ‘grained white’, meaning traditional colours are still a staple in installer availability.

  1. Earthy tones

Earthy tones have been a popular interior shade in recent years and Farrow and Ball has also announced that ‘clay tones’ are its colour of the year for 2024, potentially influencing homeowners to gravitate towards green neutrals.

Installers can add Cotswold green, sage or Painswick from The Residence Collection to their product range to embrace this trend.

A Shropshire property was recently fitted with 16 timber alternative windows in the sage green colourway. Working with installer, Fairmitre Shropshire Windows and Conservatories and fabricator, HWL, the new windows were sourced from The Residence Collection’s R9 series, blending 19th-century architectural design with modern functionality.

Sage, featuring in all The Residence Collection windows systems, showcases a smooth texture, and its colour choices are applicable to both internal and external uses. Alternatively, the R9 systems provide an internal grain white colour option, and the R7 and R2 systems offer an internal colour choice of chalk white.

  1. Red-oranges

Also predicted by Farrow and Ball, sunset hue colours are set to become a huge trend in 2024. According to The Residence Collection, popular retro-style interiors, echoing styles from the 1950s to 80s, are beginning to return.

‘Honey oak’, a rich wood effect with golden honeyed shades, is carefully designed to replicate 19th century timber designs with modern innovation.

Jo Trotman, marketing manager at The Residence Collection, added: “Window colour trends have consistently evolved in recent years, and both our team and our network of installers and fabricators have observed an increasing preference for unconventional colours.

“At The Residence Collection, we take pride in providing a range of colours within our three collections that allows fabricators and installers to get ahead of the curve of emerging consumer trends. This enables them to broaden their offerings, allowing consumers to express their unique style and aesthetic vision while updating their property.”

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