Workplace award

Distinction Doors was recently awarded the silver ‘Be Well @ Work Award’ by The South Yorkshire Healthy Workplace Award Scheme.

The scheme is designed to help businesses and organisations become stronger and more productive by ensuring that all employees recognise the role of health and safety and to develop procedures that allow everyone to become engaged in protecting and enhancing their mental and physical wellbeing.

Distinction demonstrated that is an employer of choice for potential employees, has reduced staff absences, improved health and safety standards, been proactive in dealing with potential stress and anxiety in the workplace, and has policies in place to identify the wellbeing of its staff through employee engagement and consultation.

Distinction’s HR director Helen Lovack said: “To be recognised by The South Yorkshire Healthy Workplace Award Scheme with a Silver Award is a fantastic achievement and it couldn’t have been made possible without the hard work and dedication of our team of health and wellbeing champions, Paul Hewkin, Gillian Sauermann, Mark Taylor, Earl McPherson and myself.

“As an organisation, we have invested a huge amount of time and effort into improving and developing our health and safety practices because we firmly believe that the people who work at Distinction are the most valuable resource we have. And if, as a company, we take care of our staff, then our staff are happier, more productive and the company is rewarded in return.”

She continued: “In addition to measures such as regular health checks for blood pressure, our team of health and wellbeing champions have worked hard to create a real sense of community at Distinction, and this has not just helped to reduce absences, but has generated better communication in general, helping to reduce stigma on mental health and bring us all together in the process.”

Distinction Doors accepted its award at New York Stadium, Rotherham, on March 6, where its team of health and wellbeing champions carried out a presentation on the company and the work it has carried out to achieve the award.