The challenge of a lifetime

Andrew Charlesworth and son, Harry.
Andrew Charlesworth and son, Harry.

Global director of WarmCore, Andrew Charlesworth, is preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world, as part of a charity fundraising challenge for Kelly’s Heroes and Harry’s Pals.

Kelly’s Heroes is a mental health support charity and Harry’s Pals is a charity that provides emotional support to parents of severely ill or disabled children. It is named after Andrew’s eight-year-old son, who is severely disabled.

Harry’s Pals was set up by Hayley, Andrew’s wife, and provides free counselling and therapy sessions as well as short breaks to help families across the country who are struggling as they grapple with the emotional, practical, and physical implications of their child’s diagnosis.

Andrew who is a 43-year-old dad of three, will start his ascent up the mountain on 10 September 2024. He is said to be braving the challenge, despite not being his fittest, with underlying concerns about altitude sickness and a fear of heights.

He says his motivation is the difference that both charities make and the important work that they are doing to help people to feel less isolated and more able to get the help that they need to make for a more tenable and happier future.

Hayley Charlesworth said: “I am so incredibly proud of Andy, in attempting to climb 6,000 meters and that is no mean feat. I am sure that when the going gets tough he will be motivated by the funding he’s received and the difference that this will make to Harry’s Pals and Kelly’s Heroes. Good luck, we’re all rooting for you!’

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