Technical support strengthened

Garnalex has appointed a technical services and support director.

Andy Russell joined the team in April and will strengthen technical support as Sheerline’s network of fabricators continues to grow. Having worked in the industry since the 1980s, Andy will use his experience and knowledge to bolster technical services and support for Sheerline’s aluminium window and door system.

Andy previously worked at window system companies Eurocell and Liniar.

“It’s great to be working with a highly motivated group of people, many of whom I’ve worked with before,” Andy said. “I’m looking forward to the challenges this new role will bring and to be part of something that’s on an exciting growth trajectory.

“I’m responsible for the technical team and will be overseeing the support side of the business. My department will provide technical support for the sales team out on the road. We will undertake tooling audits and provide better support for new and existing customers. We will be on site for the customer changeover and provide training on all our product range.”