Student learning donation

IronmongeryDirect donated more than 300 computer items to a charity that aims to empower disadvantaged communities in Africa with quality IT school resources.

Turing Trust reuses and refurbishes tablets, phones and computers to be deployed to schools in Africa. The equipment donated by the Essex-based ironmongery supplier included computers, laptops, monitor screens and cabling, enabling 1,944 students to gain vital access to digital resources and learn vital IT skills.

The donation also offsets 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 75 trees, or offsetting the annual carbon footprints of three Britons.

IronmongeryDirect MD Dominick Sandford said: “By providing training opportunities and skills development both in Africa and the UK, [Turing Trust’s] operation also reduces waste and supports a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society, and we are pleased that we can help make a difference.”

James Turing, Ffunder and CEO of the Turing Trust said the donation will empower almost 2,000 students with technology-enabled education in Africa.

“The embodied energy savings created from this donation is also enough to power seven UK homes for a year, and this donation helps to demonstrate what can be achieved through a circular economy approach to reusing business IT equipment.”