Roy Frost leaves Deceuninck

Deceuninck UK’s managing director Roy Frost is stepping down at the end of this year, after four years at the helm.
“I’ve really enjoyed my time with Deceuninck and can’t believe how quickly the last four years have flown,” Roy said. “Making the move from my retail background into trade was a fantastic learning experience and was enhanced by the support of great Deceuninck people and of great customers.

“It’s the people I will really miss. However, after more than my fair share of 5am dark commutes from the south east to Wiltshire, and spending way too much time away from my family in a hotel, I know the time is now right to regroup, find new opportunities closer to home, and focus on that holy grail of work-life balance.”

Bernard Vanderper, director of north west Europe, said: “I remember first meeting Roy, the date was 12/12/2012. We immediately hit it off and shared the same vision to put Deceuninck back on the UK map.”

Since Roy’s appointment Deceuninck UK has grown by 80%, and developed products like the Slider24, Fully Reversible Window and the Heritage Flush Sash which fits into the new Heritage Window Collection brand.

“Perhaps the most important of Roy’s achievements has been building a really strong team that is ready to take Deceuninck UK on to the next stage of its evolution,” Bernard said. “This team will continue to drive innovation and develop new opportunities for growth as more and more fabricators and installers get the benefit of partnering with Deceuninck. I want to thank Roy for his all of his effort and dedication to Deceuninck and wish him well in the future.”

Sales director Rob McGlennon will become the interim managing director.