Racegoers raise funds for cancer charity

Racegoers at Glazerite’s latest race day helped to raise more than £550 for a charity devoted to giving gift bags to cancer patients.

More than 150 guests attended the event at Wolverhampton Racecourse, which included a three-course dinner and evening entertainment, with some travelling from as far away as Aberdeen and the Isle of Man.

“We have a fair trek to get to the Glazerite Race Day but it has always been worth it,” said Andy Cadman, trade sales director for Thistle Windows. “It’s a fantastic evening for us all and a great deal of money was raised for a worthy charity. We really appreciate that Glazerite continue to hold the event every year, especially while budgets generally continue to be under a lot of scrutiny.”

Despite the event historically being held on a Friday, this year Glazerite chose to break with tradition, as director Jason Thompson explained.

“We decided to test the water and host the event on a Saturday which allowed our installers to relax without losing a day out of the working week,” he said. “Everyone had a great time and the move was very well received. It was a pleasure to see so many Glazerite installer partners and staff getting together, strengthening relationships and putting faces to names.”

There were both losses and wins on the horses, but the biggest winner was the Lewis Foundation, a charity that organises weekend visits to Northamptonshire hospitals to give cancer patients a choice of gift bags to brighten their stay.

Glazerite’s group marketing manager Michelle Wright said: “While visiting a friend in hospital I came across them when their volunteers brought my friend in a gift bag to cheer her up. Since then I’ve followed them and have been amazed by the work they do. We raised a fantastic amount on the night due to everyone’s generosity and the charity were delighted at the prospect of being able to help so many more patients with the donation.”