New ambassador

The timber industry’s campaign to promote the use of timber in design and construction has appointed a new ambassador and committee chair.

David Birkbeck, Design for Homes’ chief executive, is to lead the Wood for Good campaign, taking over from Craig White who has been involved since 2013.

David has been at the helm of Design for Homes since 2000. He incorporated it as a social enterprise to promote what works best in housing and campaigns for homes to be better designed and produced in greater volumes.

David will use his extensive experience and industry networks to help Wood for Good push for new opportunities to position timber as a first-choice material in construction, from interiors through to large scale commercial projects.

“Everyone knows the country can’t get anywhere near the level of production it needs without more companies and more solutions in the supply chain,” David said.

“The next few years should offer a range of platforms for the timber industry to show its potential and help tackle an increasingly corrosive problem: access to a home.”

Christiane Lellig, campaign director for Wood for Good said: “We are very pleased to have David on board. With the continuing development and growing support for the timber industry, David’s experience and knowledge complements our values and objectives perfectly.”