Funding needed for specialist treatment

Suppliers in the glass and glazing industry are coming together to provide a six-year-old girl with the chance to receive specialist cancer treatment.

Burlington Windows’ MD explained how his company is raising money for Eve who has astroblastoma, and is the granddaughter of a manager at the firm,.

“She has had a tumor removed from her brain the size of a small grapefruit,” Andy told Glass Times. “The problem is that radiotherapy can damage the surrounding brain tissue and cause any number of problems she would be stuck with the rest of her life.

“The best option for her is proton beam therapy, which destroys only the cancerous tissue and ignores the healthy stuff. This is only available in the USA. As astroblastoma is incredibly rare, it is not on the NHS ‘list’ of approved cancers for funding. So, they need to raise £150K for treatment and accommodation for eight-nine weeks.”

Andy is currently approaching suppliers to provide the component parts necessary for Burlington Windows to auction off a fitted composite door in order to raise funds.

Burlington will make and install the door, and so far Windowware has agreed to supply hardware, Kwiktuf will supply glazing, while Eurocell is providing fixing, trims and sealants.


“The picture is Eve post surgery, and she has a scar from ear to ear across the top of her head,” Andy said. “I would like to see this smile continue.”