Director of specification sales

Graham Hurrell has joined Wicona as director of specification sales, bringing more than 30 years’ industry experience.

Primarily responsible for increasing Wicona’s visibility as a high-specification, architectural product brand, Graham will be working across Wicona’s core markets to develop engineered solutions, and further elevate the brand’s presence in its sector.

Part of Graham’s role is to oversee consistency of quality across the board by ensuring that product testing, accreditation standards and resourcing are perfectly aligned.

Graham first started working for the Sapa Group in 1998 and progressed to director of specification sales for Sapa Building System UK, followed by a three-year assignment on international business development. After a short period away from Sapa, Graham said he is thrilled to return to the group.

“I am passionate about Sapa as an organisation, which is largely down to the respect I hold for both the business model and products themselves, and the people I work alongside. Although much of my career has developed within the group, I am taking a fresh approach to this new challenge at Wicona, with the backup of insight and familiarity.”