Investment in efficiency

The Window Company (Contracts) has attributed much of its success to being able to manage projects more efficiently than most.

As part of its commitment to staying ahead of the competition, it has appointed Patrick Holt as an additional contracts supervisor, to help ensure that both its refurbishment and new build projects continue to run on time and on budget.

Patrick has worked in the construction industry for his entire career – progressing from labourer to assistant site manager – and is bringing all of that real world know-how to the new role.

His particular focus is on identifying ways in which The Window Company (Contracts) can use new technologies to improve its performance still further and enhance the experience for clients and residents it works with.

In line with the company’s ongoing commitment to health and safety, Patrick is also planning to add to his existing health and safety qualifications, bringing a new emphasis into the business on mental as well as physical health.

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