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Roseview Windows has expanded its customer care team, managed by Brian Read.

Brian spent many years in the UK and America running customer care functions at high-end companies such as Mecho Systems, PPG, Rationel and Cherwell Windows. The majority of Brian’s time has been spent at manufacturing companies, largely within the fenestration industry.

Brian’s initial priority is to change Roseview’s focus from a traditional service and parts team to an expanded modern customer care team with a wider and more complete customer care remit. To that end Brian has already increased the team by adding an extra service engineer plus an extra office-based customer care representative.

“Roseview has a great reputation for customer service, but there’s always room to do better,” Brian said. “For a nationwide company of Roseview’s size, manufacturing as many high-end sash windows as we do, the existing service team was remarkably small. That’s testament to quality of the products we make. But my goal is to improve that further by transitioning from a traditional parts and service operation to a more modern customer care team that assists customers all the time, not just when things occasionally go wrong.”

Roseview’s managing director Richard Burrells said: “Along with the other improvements, modernisations and investments we’re making, it’s already clear that Brian and the customer care team he is building will be a great asset to Roseview.”

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