Employee emotional resilience

Rotherham-based Solarframe has teamed up with Kate Ashley-Norman of Positive Mind Management to integrate a long-term approach to its employee mental health.

Over the next 12 months, all 100 Solarframe employees will have access to emotional wellbeing information, tools and resources aimed at helping them strengthen psychological resilience, Kate said. A number of initiatives will also be run over the course of the year to ensure that good mental health habits are developed, and maintained at the forefront of employees’ day-to-day activities.

This positive and empowering approach focuses on wellbeing, nurturing strong psychological roots, widening perspectives, and having a healthy approach to all emotions, good and bad.

“Having battled personally in the past with my own depression, I know how important it is to lead by example and provide the necessary help and support to the people who are the very backbone of Solarframe,” managing director Steve Taylor said. “A long-term strategy is important to start a shift in the hearts and minds of every individual. Whether extra support is needed now or in the future, there is no denying that mental health issues affect us all to varying degrees, at varying times.”

Kate said: “Creating a mentally strong and resilient culture takes time and effort, and setting the scene is an important part of that. It then takes consistent effort and a proactive, focused and targeted campaign to keep the importance of learning and developing good habits at the forefront of everyone’s attention.”