Decade celebrated

Software developer Sean Payne is celebrating 10 years with Insight Data.

Joining the company in 2010 straight from university with a degree in web and software, Sean helped on several projects before working on Salestracker.

“The Salestracker platform has evolved over the years, with improvements including a mobile version of the site and the inclusion of an email tool within the platform, and it’s been brilliant to assist customers in the day-to-day running of their business, and see first-hand just how valuable Salestracker is,” Sean said.

“In many ways, it’s mirrored the rise of Insight Data. When I started, we had four researchers, one developer, a research manager and one person doing management and marketing, all working from a small office.

“Now there are around 80 of us across the group, and we have a team of researchers, a sales team and marketing professionals all working from our dedicated research call centre and software development HQ near Bristol.”