Customer service appointment

Nicola Miller joined Euramax Solutions as head of customer service six weeks before the first national lockdown, but having worked in customer services since the age of 17, she managed to face the challenge head on, the company said.

Along with a customer services manager, Nicola runs Euramax Solutions’ customer service team and is in charge of order inputting and handling customer queries.

Working with the production team, she is also in charge of managing the company’s accounts with Portakabin and Ilke Homes.

Nicola has also played a major role in implementing OmPrompt, an order automation tool that digitises and controls the flow of order management information from the company’s customers, third party providers and suppliers, helping to streamline communication with its entire network.

“My first priority is to further grow the customer services team and make sure we’re delivering a fantastic service to all our customers,” Nicola said.

“There are many improvements we can make going forward, such as speeding up response times and building up the knowledge within the team, but as long as we continue to take a proactive approach, I’m confident we’ll be able to take Euramax Solutions very far.”