Creative consultant

Doorco has appointed Jeyda Heselton – a self-proclaimed ‘doork’ – as creative consultant to “add a new dimension to the company’s already innovative range of products, designs and marketing collateral”.

Dan Sullivan, Doorco MD, said: “While we can clearly see trends and growth areas through our own sales, we are often quite far removed from what is happening ‘on the street’ because we are simply a component supplier. This is why I was so intrigued by a news item about ‘a girl obsessed with doors’ shown on the BBC back in February and on further investigation, the images she posts on her Instagram channel @knockinondoors.

“The girl obsessed with doors turned out to be Jeyda Heselton. Jeyda’s passion and imagery caught my attention immediately and I was hoping we could get some of those images for our own use. But once we met we quickly realised she was incredibly creative and has some great ideas on what makes a good door. Not something, as a manufacturer, we often get direct insight into.

“We are delighted that Jeyda has agreed to be Doorco’s Creative Consultant and look forward to sharing some of her opinions on door trends, her unique photography and making some of her rather different ideas a reality.”

Jeyda said: “Doors are a passion of mine. There’s something fascinating about a door – common to all people and yet they can take so many different forms. The colours, sizes, textures, features and surrounding area all come together to something completely unique. I love to spend my spare time on door walks – basically walking around my home town of London taking photos of doors and then sharing with the very large online community of doorks – but who knew it would lead to meeting up with one of the UK’s leading composite door suppliers and being appointed as its creative consultant.”

You can also read a column written by Jeyda each month in Glass Times.