Attendance scheme pays off

An employee attendance scheme run by The Glazerite UK Group has improved attendance figures by 52% for the period 2016-2018.

Sue Wellings, group HR manager, said: “We’ve structured it so it’s a realistic and achievable scheme for everyone. It works by awarding a bonus to those with full attendance over a four-month period.

“Employees who manage a full year’s attendance are given a silver certificate and, as an extra incentive, an additional day’s holiday for the following holiday year. For two years’ full attendance, a gold award is given, and for three years’ full attendance, employees are recognised with a platinum award certificate and a further gift from the company in the form of a Red Letter Day experience.

“Managing staff attendance and absenteeism is a key objective for every HR department as it has such an impact on staff morale and company success.”

Rich Day, transport manager at Glazerite’s Wellingborough site, was recently awarded a platinum certificate in recognition of three years’ full attendance.

He said: “It’s a great feeling to be rewarded with a bonus every few months and it was a real surprise to receive the Red Letter Day voucher. I’m hoping to use mine on a trip to London so I can take my daughter to see a show. I’ve not had a day off sick in my 10 years here, but this scheme is a great motivator for me and my colleagues.”