A fresh approach

QASSS (QA Scheme Support Services), which operates the DGCOS membership scheme, has appointed Ciarán Harkin as its new managing director.

“The key to raising standards of protection for homeowners is by being proactive and working with installers early on by offering customer-focused business support services,” Ciarán said.

“We want to work alongside businesses and introduce integrated solutions to drive efficiencies, improve conversion and drive industry growth. Installations in the glazing industry are getting increasingly complex, with a broader range of products and the introduction of smart technology.

“Our mission is to provide consumers with the protection they expect, while supporting installers in giving the best service possible which in turn helps them increase their reputation and ultimately, their profitability.

“I approach consumer protection from a different angle. By working with good installers and providing the tools and support that help them to offer a more efficient and enhanced service, customer satisfaction levels increase, resulting in more referrals and more business.”

Ciarán has also introduced a new management team to support exciting expansion plans and spearhead future innovative initiatives.