Profine breathes new life into Huthwaite

I was given a tour last week of Kömmerling’s manufacturing facilities at Huthwaite and it was impressive to see how the site has been transformed since the last time I visited, when it was the home of Synseal.

A considerable amount of investment has been poured into the factory floor by Profine, evidenced by a wealth of new machinery and a vastly improved foiling department plus the fact that equipment, tools and workstations all look clean, modern and well organised.

Staff that I spoke to who remember what conditions were like in days gone by, were upbeat and optimistic about the revitalised factory but also the new offices, which have been thoroughly overhauled to create a more inclusive, professional space.

The showroom is impressive (it is actually the 2022 FIT Show stand that has been ‘recycled’ to suit its new home) and there’s even an in-house gym – no wonder that staff now have a spring in their step.

The tour also included a re-launch of the hybrid WarmCore system, which has been fine-tuned and is now ready to be rolled out once again as a high performance and more cost-effective alternative to aluminium.

More details on WarmCore to follow soon.

The trip to Kömmerling was swiftly followed by a look inside the UK’s first practical training centre for the fire door industry.

The new training academy, launched by Fire Door Maintenance (FDM) and located in Bury, Greater Manchester, is designed to raise standards across the industry and provides a dedicated space for hands-on training and classroom-based learning.

You can read more about it here.