Make the most of demand for triple

Energy efficiency is currently the number one driver for sales with homeowners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and reduce heating bills in the long term.

That’s according to Sternfenster’s sales director, Nathan Court, who discusses demand for products that can demonstrate low U values in an exclusive article for the May issue of Glass Times.

And Nathan is not just relying on feedback from installer customers, because Sternfenster has its own retail outlet, based in Lincoln, called Starglaze.

He adds that demand for energy efficient windows and doors is in turn being driven by the cost of living, and that under ‘normal’ circumstances, it would be aesthetics or improved security that would top the list for consumers – but instead, Starglaze customers want a more comfortable home and reduced monthly outgoings.

And they are choosing triple glazing to achieve that.

Sternfenster’s investment in automated IGU production, and tools such as its online Energy Savings Calculator, mean that it is well positioned to take advantage of an uptake in demand for triple.

And the same can be said for other fabricators around the country. In the April issue of Glass Times, Pioneer Trading’s Danny Williams also highlighted that homeowners are increasingly asking for triple glazing, but stressed that while it represented a premium product offer, the industry should not be charging over the odds for it, and putting off prospective buyers in the process.

According to Danny, ‘adding an extra pane should cost no more than 15% of the trade price and 4-8% installed’ – furthermore, he said that if anyone tries to charge you more, ‘you can come and buy your windows from him instead’.

In light of comments like this, would it actually have been a good idea for Edgetech to have held its Triple Glazing Question Conference at the start of the year? After much anticipation that triple glazing would be required for new builds in the run up to Future Homes Standard, the conference was postponed when the consultation for FHS was revealed in December 2023, with downgraded expectations for U values.

But demand for triple is – currently – still high. Should the industry be making more of an effort to take advantage of that?