Keeping up the conversation

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell reviews the latest news regarding skills and training.

The issue of attracting talent into the fenestration industry has really gained traction over the last six months or so (although the issue has indeed been obvious for a number of years).

Why? Because we are talking about it. And once we start talking about something, we become aware of things that we may otherwise have missed, for example: the various bodies that are geared up to facilitate the throughput of talent from school to the workplace; the benefit of on-the-job training; and treating skills in the workplace as an ongoing challenge, and not something you turn your back on once you leave the school gates.

Since dedicating space in the magazine to skills/training-related stories, there seems to have been more of them crossing my desk. Whether more are being submitted, or I’m just more conscious of them, I don’t know, but it is encouraging.

So, this week, there are stories from: Bohle organising seminars for glass processors; Epwin forging a partnership with Pro-Fitter; Eurocell opening a learning and development centre; ISO-Chemie’s seminar on airtightness; and Quickslide and Glazerite extolling the virtues of apprenticeships.

What is obvious is that no one company is trying to solve the skills crisis on their own; by everyone doing a small bit – in whatever capacity – the wider issue will be addressed.

I’m always interested in hearing your stories on training and development.