Glow glass – you’ll need to feel it, to believe it.

I’ve lost count of the number of press releases I’ve read over the years that are littered with words such as ‘innovative’ and ‘game changing’ when describing the launch of a product or service – when quite often, ‘new’ or perhaps ‘upgraded’ are more accurate adjectives.

So, you’re going to have to trust me when I say that the new Glow heated glass from Tuffx is not just highly innovative – it could also be a genuine game changer.

It is, in actual fact, not an entirely new product. I first saw it showcased around four or five years ago, but until now it’s not been 100% ready for market.

TuffX has spent that time fine tuning the concept however, including a big investment in production processes at its Knowlsey based HQ, and is now preparing to offer the glass to customers.

What’s the big deal about Glow glass? Well, you will have to wait until the December edition of Glass Times magazine to find out the full details, but what I can say for now is that it features heated glass on the interior pane of a double (or triple) glazed unit, while the exterior pane remains cool.

You can control the temperature of that glass in the same way you would control under floor heating or your central heating system, and it gives off enough heat to warm a conservatory or for that matter, a whole house – negating the requirement for ‘old fashioned’ radiators.

The glass is completely clear, you can’t see any filaments or the wavy lines that appear in the heated rear windscreen of a car for instance, and the units are easy to fit – even retrofittable.

The applications and benefits of Glow glass are massive. Again, keep your eyes peeled for the December issue of GT to find out more.

Better still, get in touch with TuffX to arrange a demo. Because it’s all very well me saying that it’s game changing and innovative, you really do need to touch and feel it, to believe it.