G-Awards cancelled for 2020

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell says G21 will be back bigger than ever.

The fact that the G-Awards have been cancelled this year shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the news does cause some disappointment.

Industry events – especially the big ones like the G-Awards – act like supporting pillars, keeping the big glass and glazing structure aloft. So, when they succumb to continuing pressure from Covid-19 and the ongoing lockdown, it makes you feel a little uneasy. Especially when it is put into context with problems our industry exhibitions have experienced.

But, as organiser Tony Higgin pointed out, it is not just the size of the event itself – 600 people crammed together in the London Hilton – but the judging process beforehand.

“Quite apart from the uncertainty over the immediate future, many companies big and small will still be badly bruised by the effects of the lockdown for some time, and will have many more distractions in life than putting in the time and effort to prepare a submission,” he said.

The event will now take place on November 26, 2021 at the same venue. And it wouldn’t surprise me if it was twice as impressive.