Luxury screening

Centor has expanded its range of luxury screening and shade systems with the launch of the S4, which can be fitted to all types of doors including bifolds, sliders, French doors and even cornerless configurations.

The company said it is the UK’s only retractable screening product that can be fitted to openings as wide as 8.9m and as high as 3.2m.

Sales and operations manager of Centor Europe Mike Sullivan said: “When specifying large glass doors to maximise beautiful views or to bring fresh air and light into homes, the need for screening them is often overlooked. Once homeowners realise they need to control privacy, sunlight and insects, they often find that traditional window dressings can block their view or compromise the internal aesthetics of the home.

“This is where the S4 differs in that its insect screens and shades retract completely into the doorframe when not in use, thus removing any visual distractions to the view outside and affording the homeowners the smart and stylish aesthetic that they and their architect envisaged. By retracting fully, the screens and shades are also protected from dust and damage – especially important for a seasonally used product.”

Each S4 system is custom built and constructed with a sturdy aluminium frame, durable stainless steel mechanisms and high performance insect screen and shade fabrics. Frame finishes can be selected from a wide range of custom colours to match doors and windows. Three insect screen meshes are available including a new air weave that improves airflow and visibility. The luxury shades can be specified in either a light filtering or blackout fabric in a choice of patterns and colours.