99% commitment

As part of its newly launched Customer Charter, Doorco has promised that 99% of its product range is in stock at any one time in order fulfil its lead time and delivery promises.

“We believe that by setting out clear service level commitments, it shows our customers how much we value their business,” Jayne Sullivan, Doorco’s operations director, said. “We live in a society where people don’t want to wait. Suppliers are expected to meet customer demands instantly – and you can’t do that unless you have the products ready and waiting.

“We have one of the largest stock holdings of composite door slabs in the UK, which means we can react quickly and effectively to meet customer demands. We’ve worked closely with our customers to understand what’s most important to them and we know that having stock available when they need it, is a priority.

“One of the key drivers for us at Doorco is achieving great customer service and satisfaction. It’s something we’ve strived for from day one and something which will continue to be at the heart of everything we do. Holding 99% of our product range in stock makes our customers’ lives easier, so it’s what we’ll do to ensure we are their composite door partner of choice.”