Operations to comply with new coronavirus regulations

Biesse Group, which includes Intermac, is implementing the ‘DecretodellaPresidenza del ConsigliodeiMinistri’, the official statement from the Italian prime minister, in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus Covid-19.

Biesse’s management committee has strengthened measures to ensure the safety of employees, customers and anyone interacting with the company, the company announced in a release.

It has also drawn up an extraordinary back-up plan for strategic functions that ensures the regular shipments of spare parts and machines, and that service and technical assistance remains unaffected.

Operational measures have also been implemented, including remote collaboration and incentives for the use of video conferencing, so that sales remain uninterrupted.

“These allow Biesse Group to work synergistically and in an integrated manner with the group’s 39 branches and our dealers worldwide,” the group said.

Biesse Group’s Pesaro headquarters will continue to operate, as will the group’s Italian offices and all subsidiaries worldwide.