International sustainability promise

Biesse Group reduced its CO2 emissions by 70%, compared to 2019 levels, and now buys 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, according to its Sustainability Report 2020.

Other headline figures include: 4,893 tonnes of CO2 were avoided by purchasing electricity from renewable sources; and 16,500m2 of photovoltaic panels were installed, which cut CO2 emissions by 560 tons.

“Our commitment to sustainability continues year after year, through a path aimed at continuous improvement,” Paolo Tarchioni, Biesse Group’s social responsibility officer said. “Economic, social and environmental sustainability have always been our pillars of development, which are reflected in a constant commitment to innovation, the local area and the environment.”

The news comes as Biesse announced new branches in Israel, Japan and Brazil.

“Globalisation is one of the key factors that has always driven the development of our group and today, with around 85% of our consolidated turnover generated abroad, it simply could not be any other way,” CEO Roberto Selci said. “Our focus on an increasingly global presence has over the years made it possible for us to distribute our products and services all over the world; our overseas branches are crucial to operating locally in these strategic markets, while fully respecting and building on local specificities and cultures.”