FOM and Graf Synergy in new partnership

Suppliers of aluminium and PVCU machinery, FOM Industrie and Graf Synergy, have formed a new partnership.

The formation of the new FOM-GS Group commits Graf and FOM to the joint development of existing and new markets, plus the development of shared technologies and software solutions.

This is part of a three-year strategy through to 2020, which seeks to exploit the leadership position occupied by each within their respective and each other’s markets.  

A joint statement issued by FOM and Graf said both companies offered “a comprehensive range of products”, which once integrated would “compliment and complete” the other’s. The statement said that the shared “ownership of intellectual properties, patents and software” would help drive future development.

It added that although forming a new group, both brands will remain intact, “while promoting and developing each other’s extensive product range and commercial strategy”.

Promac Group, the partner for both companies in the UK, said that the new commercial agreement would support each machinery manufacturer in growing market share.

Joe Hague, Promac’s managing director, said: “It’s a strong indicator of the investment that both companies are making in their operations and offers globally, and here in the UK. We expect to be able to announce some significant innovations shortly.”

The formation of the new FOM-GS Group, creates a combined turnover of more than 110 million euros, employing more than 500 staff.

“This agreement is the logical next step for the machinery sector,” Joe said. “In FOM you have a cutting-edge aluminium machinery manufacturer, which is also rapidly establishing itself in the PVCU market. Graf is in a league of its own in the development of high-end PVCU machinery and tooling, with significant scope to grow into new and expanding markets.

“In establishing a new strategic partnership, both gain access to global leading technologies, infrastructure and networks.”