Connected smart glass window

Vinci Construction and Sunpartner Technologies announced a new 50/50 joint venture and launched a new connected smart glass window dubbed ‘Horizon’.

The two companies initially partnered in April 2016 to develop and market photovoltaic solutions for construction applications.

Featuring photovoltaic panels and multiple sunlight sensors, the new Horizon ‘opacifying’ and communicating window can be adapted to any project, from new construction to renovations.


This three-in-one product combines a window, a sunshade, and a blind. It is connected and can be operated from a distance using a smartphone, remote control, or the building’s technical management system.

Horizon’s opacifying ability and real-time control system can cut a building’s energy consumption by up to 30% by diminishing the effects of overheating and efficiently using air conditioning.

It also provides increased comfort (ie, protecting occupants from glare and reducing overheating in interior spaces) and simpler use and control.

The integrated photovoltaic construction market is predicted to take off in the coming years; by 2020, global demand for smart windows is slated to reach 10 million square meters.