The first to offer butt-jointed unglazed R9

HWL Trade Frames is the first R9 manufacturer in the country to offer butt-jointed Residence Collection of windows unglazed.

With butt-jointed R9 windows currently coming factory glazed as standard, which can make them heavy, cumbersome and difficult to fit, the unglazed window comes with a huge number of benefits to installers.

Firstly, companies will be able to buy their own glass, allowing increased margins. Secondly, the window is easier to handle as glass can be installed on site, making for safer manual handling. Thirdly, if a piece of glass were to fail, rather than having to replace the full sash as you do with traditional method R9 windows, installers are able to just replace the sealed unit.

Graham Howatson, director at HWL Trade Frames, said: “Some installers have stayed clear of the Residence Collection in the past due to the issues that can be faced with factory glass bonded windows. Our new unglazed offering though offers installers and homeowners the visual appearance and benefits of traditional R9 windows, with a number of additional advantages.”

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